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Miss Sandra

          At the age of 3, Sandra Stone began learning the art of dance from one of the most influential and innovative instructors of our area, Miss Lyndia Cochran.  Miss Sandra would go on to be a student teacher for Miss Lyndia, mentoring under her from the 7th grade until her junior year in high school. When she was 17 years old, Miss Sandra began teaching on her own, under the supervision of Miss Lyndia, in her studio in Murray.   When she was a senior, Miss Sandra began leaving school early so that she could teach at her first independent studio in Dover, TN. 

          Miss Sandra has studied the art of dance under renowned instructors from all over the country. She has trained in New York, Memphis, Nashville, Biloxi, Little Rock, and many others U.S. cities.  Since the age of 17, Miss Sandra has been a member of the Southern Association of Dance Masters and continues to further her knowledge and that of her students in traveling to conventions and workshops.     

          Miss Sandra has instructed students in McKenzie, TN; Union City, TN; Dover, TN; Erin, TN; Princeton, KY; Kuttawa, KY; Mayfield, KY; and Benton, KY. She began teaching in Paris, TN in 2015, where she continues to instruct to this day.

         Miss Sandra has been serving the tri-state area for almost 40 years. Her kindness, patience, and great sense of fun combine to make a safe, inspiring, and exciting atmosphere for aspiring dancers of all ages.   Miss Sandra prides herself in providing an encouraging atmosphere for learning and lives for sharing the art of dance with others.


Miss Kailey

         At the early age of 3, Miss Kailey began studying the art of dance under her masterful mother, Miss Sandra. From there on, Miss Kailey surrounded herself in music—dancing, singing, and acting.  Miss Kailey began piano lessons at the age of 6 and would go on to learn how to play numerous other instruments, including the guitar and banjo!

          Around the age of 9, Miss Kailey began traveling and performing with an entertainment group known as the Showstoppers, of Paducah, KY.  Miss Kailey has entertained at numerous festivals, churches, and has even performed in Branson, MO, where she once competed, and placed, in America’s Most Talented Kids.

          Miss Kailey began student teaching under Miss Sandra when she was in high school.  During her studies at Murray State University, she began teaching on her own, under the supervision of Miss Sandra, at their studios in Murray, KY and Paris, TN.  Miss Kailey continues to further her knowledge and that of her students in traveling to conventions and workshops. 

           Miss Kailey lives to entertain and inspire her students with her high level of energy and outgoing personality. She prides herself in providing an exciting and safe environment for her students--one in which they feel comfortable to express their unique personalities and strive to be the best they can be.

Miss Katherine

         Miss Katherine began dancing in the first grade at the age of 7. She began her dancing career at Gilman's School of Dance in Crestwood, Kentucky. There, she was a member of the pre-professional Magic Dance Company. After moving to Murray, Miss Katherine began taking lessons at Sandra's and Kailey's. She has been dancing for 12 years and has studied the Checchetti Method in ballet and pointe. She also teaches and studies tap and jazz. In 2017, Miss Katherine had the incredible oppportunity to dance alongside the Russian Moscow Ballet in their version of the Nutcracker when the company traveled to Paducah.
         Miss Katherine loves dancing and dreams of teaching as her future career. She lives with her husband, Jack, and attends Murray State University. When she's not dancing (or studying), she writes a blog and spends time with family. The deepest desire of her heart is to teach her dearly loved students more than dance... to build their character, to discipline, and to inspire confidence. She believes there is no better way to live than to dance through life!